Equity Fund

Arab African International Bank - Shield Equity Fund

The fund seeks long term capital appreciation and maximize growth of capital on the medium and long terms through investing primarily in Egyptian equities in publicly traded Egyptian stocks.

General Features

Financial year-end : 31st of December
Net Asset Value of Shares (NAV): published in Al Ahram newspaper on Sundays
Currency of Issued Fund Shares: Egyptian Pound

​Subscription and Redemption

Subscriptions and redemptions are conducted until 12 pm on a daily basis, at NAV throughout all AAIB branches . NAV is calculated and published in AL Ahram newspaper on Sundays

Subscription fee : LE 1 for each purchased share

Redemption fee: 0.75% of the NAV of the redeemed shares payable to the fund

Advantages of Investment in AAIB’s SHIELD Fund:

Lucrative Return

A opportunity to realize capital growth of invested funds on the medium and long run

Convenience & Flexibility

Purchasing a single certificate in the fund would provide you with a simple, convenient and fast method of investing in a diversified portfolio of securities

Risk Diversification

The fund’s professional management invests in a broad range of blue chip Egyptian stocks, which limits the investment risk


Immediate access to the shares in the fund. On daily basis you can easily purchase or withdraw (redeem) shares at its published NAV through AAIB’s widespread branch network​

Fund Objective

The fund seeks long term capital appreciation by investing in publicly traded Egyptian stocks

Investment Approach

We are value investors. We invest in quality companies we believe are undervalued by the market. In an effort to limit downside risk and maximize upside potential, we typically seek out companies that have strong competitive positions, solid financials, and capable management teams.

Our goal is to generate return through stock selection. We seek inefficiencies in the valuation of companies we aim to invest in. Our investment decisions are primarily long term and research driven.

NAV is published every Sunday in Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper

Daily subscription and redemption until 1:00 pm throughout AAIB branches


For more information
call 19555 (24 h / 7 days) or 24886679 or visit