Juman Money

Market Fund

Arab African International Bank - Juman Money Market Fund

Working towards diversifying its product range, Arab African International Bank introduces its Daily Compounded Income Money Market Fund in Egyptian Pounds: Juman.
Juman is a secure, liquid investment and savings vehicle that invests in short term money market instruments including bank deposits, treasury bills and saving certificates.


The fund invests in a range of short term Egyptian money market instruments. These include government and corporate bonds, treasury bills and bank deposits.

The fund may only invest in money market instruments with a maturity of less than 13 months and its average duration may not exceed 5 months.

Fund features

  • Capital preservation with minimal volatility
  • Compelling alternative to current and savings accounts
  • Ideal vehicle to "park" money short term
  • A highly liquid investment


  • Reduced risk through investing in liquid and short term money market instruments
  • Combines the flexibility of Current Account with the advantages of Savings Accounts
  • Allows for daily subscription/redemption at no cost
  • Higher returns over time from the compounded effect of the daily interest earned
  • For more information, please call 19555 (24/7)

NAV is published every Sunday in Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper
Daily subscription and redemption until 1:00 pm throughout AAIB branches


For more information call
19555 (24 h / 7 days) or 24886679