Saving Account

Arab African International Bank - Golden Saving Account

AAIB’s “Golden Account“ in Egyptian Pound and other foreign currencies (US Dollar, GBP and Euro) adds value to your savings. Enjoy significant growth of your money and flexible frequencies of interest payments.


  • Competitive interest rates and tariffs on your savings
  • Same interest rate on any amount starting from account minimum balance
  • Flexible interest payment frequencies (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually and Annually) 
  • Easy and instant access to your money 24/7 with the debit card of your choice (Visa or MasterCard)
  • Issuance of credit cards (Visa or MasterCard) against saving accounts

General Conditions

  • Account minimum balance is EGP 5000, USD 500, GBP 500 and/or EUR 500
  • Interest is calculated on the minimum balance during the month provided that it is not less than the required account balance
  • Account statements are sent on quarterly basis for a quarterly fee, and can be sent on a monthly basis as per customer request for a monthly fee
  • Access your account(s) using our E-banking and phone banking without any surcharges
  • Accounts with less than the minimum balance are subjected to a monthly penalty fee

Accounts exempted from this fee are

  • Payroll accounts
  • Accounts linked to Certificates of deposit and time deposits (with minimum balance of EGP 5000 or equivalent in other currencies)
  • Accounts linked to credit facilities such as loans or credit cards of any balance

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Monthly 12.5000% 0.1875% 0.2500% 0.2500%
Quarterly 12.7500% 0.2500% 0.3750% 0.3750%
Semi-Annually 13.0000% 0.3750% 0.4375% 0.5000%
Annually 14.0000% 0.5000% 0.5000% 0.6250%

* Rates are subject to change. To check most recent rates, please call our Call Center on 19555

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19555 (24 h / 7 days) or 24886679