Arab African International Bank - Card Security

For your convenient, AAIB provides you with secure online shopping solutions

Verified by Visa(VbV) :

  • VbV (Verified by Visa) password is required for conducting online transactions using AAIB Visa credit card. It provides an extra layer of security for online transactions
  • With VbV password even if your card is misplaced, and as you are the only who knows your VBV password no one will be able to use the card online, on VbV-enabled merchants

Introducing ADS (Activation during Shopping) Service – Create Your Own Password:

  • With our new ADS (Activation during Shopping) service, you can generate your own unique VbV password while shopping at participating online merchants, at no additional cost
  • The participating merchants carry Verified by Visa (VbV) sign
  • It is easy; once you create your VbV password, you will use it every time you shop online

Security of your card is important to us

For your security and convenience, AAIB also sends SMS alert for every card transaction on your card

Instructions for Creating your Own VbV Password

You can generate your own Verified by Visa (VbV) password online at any VbV-enabled merchant by following the steps below:

  • At the time of making an online payment at VbV-enabled online merchants, the cardholders will be shown an invitation message to enroll their cards in the service “Verified by Visa
  • The cardholder should respond to two check questions by entering data requested (which is his National ID number or his Passport depending on what he submitted to the Bank, Card Expiry date, and Date of Birth)
  • Upon successful identification, the cardholder personally enters a secret password for payments at VbV-enabled Internet merchants
  • The cardholder should keep his password for future shopping
  • Service is free of charge for the clients

Brief Steps:

While shopping online on a merchant with Verified by Visa (VbV) symbol, follow the below steps:

  • Use your AAIB Visa Credit Card to pay
  • Enter your card information, National ID or Passport and Date of Birth and the Expiry date on the card
  • Create your own VbV password
  • Complete your transaction
Convenient repayment through:

AAIB branch network: you can deposit cash at any of AAIB branches

  • Direct debit instructions:  through standing instructions to debit the amount due from your current/ saving account automatically ( 5% or 100% )

Phone banking service:

  • Credit card settlement
  • Activate your credit card for internet transaction (Visa ( VbV) / MasterCard )
  • Request a new pin
  • Lost / stolen credit card replacement
  • Dispute form request

E-banking service:

Check balances and card transactions of all your credit cards ( up to the last 24 months)