Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was awarded "Best Bank in Egypt" by the pre-eminent international finance magazine Euromoney for both the years 2007 and 2008.

Euromoney cited AAIB as the winner of this prestigious award because the bank “posted higher growth statistics than its main competitors in almost every category.

Euromoney further emphasized our leadership position in terms of profit growth, this comes as another testimonial of its growth oriented strategy that has materialized impeccably in the consistent growth and profitability rates that outperformed market norms and positioned the bank as a forerunner in the banking industry.

Our distinguished innovative and pioneering spirit and its ability to foresee potential in highly dynamic markets enabled it to become an influential trendsetter and a leader in introducing a number of products and services to the Egyptian market.


In 2016, AAIB was awarded "Middle East's Best Bank for Corporate Social Responsibility" for the year 2016. 

In recognizing AAIB for the award Euromoney Editor Clive Horwood highlighted how “A commitment to corporate social responsibility is something all banks claim to have, but few banks have a record like AAIB. Where other institutions tout their charitable donations, AAIB also focuses on the essentials of CSR in banking: the adoption and promotion of sustainable and responsible finance.”

International Banker
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was awarded Banking CEO of the year - Middle East that was given to Hassan Abdalla - Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Arab African International Bank in 2014.

The International Banker 2014 Banking Awards recognize the institutions that drive global economic commerce, create capital within their regions, and opportunities for economic growth, while maintaining a high level of regulatory compliance and corporate governance. The outstanding institutions working within retail, commercial, investment, and private banking are recognised, as well as a special award for the two outstanding CEO’s in both regions.

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International Finance
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was awarded The Fastest Growing Bank from International Finance magazine in 2013. The award was given to AAIB due to the bank's rapid growth in the last decade. International Finance magazine's statement was as follows:

"Arab African International Bank was established by Special Law as a Joint Venture between the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) and Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), and was incorporated in 1964 as Egypt's first Arab multinational Bank. With each party holding a 49.37% stake, the Central Bank of Egypt and the Kuwait Investment Authority are the core of AAIB's shareholder base."

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In 2017, AAIB was named "Best Corporate Bank in Egypt" as The Bank saw a decade of unlimited growth allowing it to gain significant traction towards assuming a leading position among other Egyptian banks. AAIB is Egypt's only Private Bank with a full-fledged presence in the Gulf region that maintains its core competency as a Corporate Bank. It is also continually taking massive strides in retail activities through expanding its product range and on the ground presence in commercially strategic locations.

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JP Morgan Chase & CommerzBank AG
Arab African International Bank - Awards

JP Morgan 2015 STP Quality Awards: (USD Clearing)

Since 1997, JP Morgan has given this award to acknowledge the consistent, high-quality performance of their clients’ funds transfer operations management and staff. Normally, less than 1% of their total funds transfer clients are qualified for a Quality Recognition Award.

Because AAIB has met and further exceeded their stringent STP performance standards, we received the MT202 Quality Recognition Award with 99.07% accuracy level and for the first time the MT103 Elite Award with 98.91% STP Level.

AAIB’s ability to maintain outstanding STP performance levels for seven consecutive years for MT103 and five years for MT202 and for the first time reach the Elite Award level for MT103 clearly designates our organization as an industry leader in achieving operational excellence.

Commerzbank STP Award 2014 (Euro Clearing)

Excellent Quality in the Delivery of Commercial Payments & Financial Institutions Transfers” granted to AAIB by Commerzank for the 9th consecutive year for the Excellent accuracy Level of fully Automated Straight Through Outgoing Payments in the Euro currency for both Commercial & financial Institutions (Treasury) Transfers. (Subject Correspondent is our main Euro Clearing Agent).

Commerzbank Trade Award 2014 “Excellent Partnership in The year 2014” has been awarded to AAIB for the first time in recognition to the volume and Excellent Relationship in Trade Business. 

Deutsche Bank AG & Standard Chartered
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was awarded the Excellence Award for USD and Euro clearing from two of the top-notch global banks Deutsche Bank AG & Standard Chartered in 2013.

In banking and finance, clearing denotes all activities from the time a commitment is made for a transaction until it is settled. Clearing of payments is necessary to turn the promise of payment into actual movement of money from one bank to another.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Quality recognition for four consecutive years!

Arab African International Bank has received the Award for Quality Recognition for its high quality standards by JP Morgan Chase & Co. seven consecutive years as follows 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011.

This recognition comes because of the high quality measurements and standards that Arab African International Bank follows in the core of its business and among banks operating in Egypt.

Visa Awards
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was awarded the Visa Innovation Award for the year 2006, the award was granted to AAIB for its various arrays of products that reveal a strong sense of innovation and creativity.

The Visa award comes as a notion of recognition towards the bank’s unprecedented contributions to the market since the mid-eighties, as AAIB has taken the responsibility of providing the most sophisticated and up-to-date products and services helping the Egyptian market to become techno-motivated no less than international ones

AAIB was the first to launch the Smart Chip technology in Visa Cards followed by the Transparent Credit Cards with their distinctive shape and attractive design with various features.

AAIB also introduced Visa Mini Cards, Visa Mini has a distinguished size of 4 cm height and 6.6cm length (almost half the size of the regular credit card), enabled to be attached to different items (key chains, necklaces…etc.), to give the chance to be carefree anywhere, and when traveling, it is the safest way to handle money.

AAIB Credit Cards are characterized with their highly competitive rates and a grace period up to 55 days on purchases; moreover card settlements are now available through the widespread network of ATMs or from client’s home or office.

Arab African International Bank - Awards

A “Superbrand” for Six times!

AAIB was recognized by the Superbrands Award for six times. The world’s independent arbiter of branding unveiled the Superbrands book featuring some of Egypt’s best brands including AAIB for the years 2004, 2006, 2008/2009, 2010, 2012 & 2015/2016. The Superbrands organization is acclaimed worldwide as being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence and is committed to paying tribute to exceptional brands and promoting the discipline of branding.

The definition of a Superbrand is a brand that “offers consumers significant emotional and/or physical advantages over its competitors which consumers want (consciously or subconsciously), recognize, and are willing to pay a premium for.”

The Banker
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was named "Bank of the Year in Egypt for the years 2006 and 2008" by The Banker Magazine, an affiliate of the Financial Times association.

This global recognition came as a result of our unprecedented growth in size and profitability outperforming the market, innovation in products and services,and serious efforts to embed corporate social responsibility in its day-to-day business.

In 2011, AAIB successfully received international recognition from The Banker magazines the $600m financing deal for Suez Steel Company was chosen by judges to win "Deal of the Year 2011" for the Infrastructure & Project Finance category in the MiddleEast

CSR Golden Shield
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank  – the forerunner bank and active achiever in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in Egypt - has been honored and recognized from The Arab Organization for Social Responsibility by a Golden Shield of excellence in CSR in 2015 for the bank’s outstanding and leading performance since 2003 within this field. The Award also attests to the bank’s innovative and leading approach to sustainable finance that goes well beyond traditional CSR and philanthropy.  

This is the second regional recognition for AAIB in the field of is the first of CSR and sustainability since its previous one in 2012. 

Since 2003, AAIB has demonstrated a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development. This is the message AAIB has been sending for enacting Sustainability for over a decade.

Receiving the award at the ceremony held in Dubai, UAE, AAIB’s Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. Hassan Abdalla states: “We are proud and honored to win this prestigious regional Golden Shield of excellence by The Arab Organization for Social Responsibility. We are especially pleased to represent Egypt and the banking sector’s active and influential role towards its economy, environment and community, especially during this transitional era nationally and globally.”

Banker Africa
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was the successful winner of Banker Africa’s only two Innovation category Awards for the year 2015; “Best Online Platform - North Africa” and “Most Innovative Bank - North Africa”. The bank’s clear drive for innovation resulted in the extremely rare occurrence of having one institution win both awards in the innovation category. The results will be announced in time with the release of the Banker Africa magazine and will also be published across their online community and respected daily newsletters to more than 60,000 senior banking and finance professional members.

In 2016, AAIB was awarded "Best Online Platform - North Africa" for the second consecutive year.

To win the Best Online Platform Award, AAIB was examined on a host of online capabilities which included functionality capabilities, user journey, social media capabilities, website capabilities, ease of use, branding, customer interactivity levels, customer interactivity ease of use, product accessibility, product presentations & explanations and information. AAIB was also judged on to win the Most Innovative Bank Award which serves as a great indication of AAIB’s drive for success and distinction. 

World Finance
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was the proud winner of the Best Financial Group from the reputable World Finance magazine in 2010. The award was given to AAIB as a result of the its solid strategy towards an integrated and full-fledged group entitled "From a Bank to a Financial Group". 

World Finance is a bi-monthly print and online magazine providing comprehensive coverage and analysis of the financial industry, international business and the global economy that targets an audience of finance professionals, and corporate and private investors, but its lucid voice makes it intelligible and essential reading for anybody who wants to understand the machinations of finance in the 21st century.

Since 2007, World Finance has been celebrating achievement, innovation and brilliance in their annual awards. Their judging panel boasts over 230 years of financial and business journalism, supported by a research team that works round the clock to ensure our award winners are the most deserving in their sector.

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Global Finance
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was recognized three times from the reputable Global Finance magazine. The first recognition was the award of "Best Foreign Exchange Provider" in 2011 followed by the award of "Best Investment Bank - Egypt" for two consecutive years 2011 and 2012.

Global Finance is a monthly magazine founded in 1987 by publishing entrepreneurs Joseph Giarraputo and Carl Burgen. Giarraputo continues as Publisher and Editorial Director. Its mission is to help corporate leaders, bankers and investors chart the course of global business and finance.

Global Finance magazine has a circulation of 50,050, audited by BPA, and readers in 163 countries. Its headquarters are in New York, with offices in London and Milan. Global Finance ’s audience includes Chairmen, Presidents, CEOs, CFOs, Treasurers and other senior financial officers responsible for making investment and strategic business decisions at multinational companies and financial institutions. Each year Global Finance selects the best financial institutions around the world. These awards have become a recognized and trusted standard of excellence.

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Global Banking & Finance Review
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Best Investment Bank for four years in a row!

Arab African International Bank was awarded "Best Investment Bank - Egypt" in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 respectively by the reputable Global Banking & Finance Review as a result of the bank's clear drive towards creating new investment opportunities and its extensive growth strategy.

Global Banking & Finance Review is a leading Online and Print Magazine, which has evolved from the growing need to have a more balanced view, for informative and independent news within the financial community. Their experienced contributors provide this quality and in-depth insight in a clear and concise way, providing leading players and key figures with up to date information within the finance sector. The magazine is read in over 200 different countries. Their readership includes Presidents, CEO’s, CFO’S and Senior Decision makers within Fortune 500 companies, Major Banks, Financial Institutions, Central Bank, and Individuals interested in financial markets and news.

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Capital Finance International
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank is named the “Best Green Bank” in Egypt for 2015 by Capital Finance International (CFI) for adopting green banking principles.

CFI’s recognizes AAIB for being the first to introduce social and environmental risk reporting to measure the impacts of the bank’s loan portfolio on an annual basis. AAIB adopted the Equator Principles (EPs) in 2009, a risk management framework that allows financial services providers to measure environmental and social ramifications of any project submitted.

In addition, CFI acknowledges bank’s leadership for being the first bank in Egypt to publish the first “Carbon Footprint Report”. AAIB also had wide spread initiatives to engage its employees in reducing their carbon emissions, adding to this being the first bank in Egypt to embrace sustainable finance as a strategic concept that coherently ties with its notion of growth.

CFI provides news, analysis and commentary on the markets worldwide .It addresses economic, political and business factors affecting these markets and help identify regions industry sectors and companies that will succeed.

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Arabia CSR Network
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was the 2nd Place winner for Corporate-NGO Collaboration award for providing the best social development model "We Owe it to Egypt Foundation" in 2012 from Arabia CSR Network.

The Arabia CSR Awards, the most prestigious CSR and sustainability related accolade in the region, honors and showcases those companies that demonstrate a clear vision, strategy and implementation of CSR. Every year, the Arabia CSR Awards screens hundreds of applying companies, their sustainability report and their applications to be a part of the sustainability journey in the Arab region. Those companies that best exhibit strong values and commitment towards sustainability, corporate responsibility, social accountability, stakeholder inclusiveness and other such aspects of responsible business are awarded and recognized on a regional platform and showcased at the global level.

Global Business Outlook
Arab African International Bank - Awards

Arab African International Bank was chosen as "Best CSR Bank Egypt 2016" by Global Business Outlook.

Global Business outlook awards aim to recognize and reward business excellence across all sectors, private and public. These awards are open to companies regardless of their size and individuals, based anywhere in the world, entries are invited from those that feel they have performed exceptionally well than their competitors to create a business edge and market recognition.

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