Arab African International Bank named Best Investment Bank

in Egypt by Global Banking and finance review

For the fourth consecutive year, Global Banking & Finance Review awards Arab African International Bank  “AAIB” as “The Best Investment Bank Egypt 2016” in recognition for its continued commitment to provide excellence and innovation in investment banking. 

 “Arab African International Bank focuses on meeting the needs of their clients through strong client-advisor relations and industry leading solutions.  Their extensive regional presence, market performance, expertise and dedication to excellence is what made them stand out as the clear winner in this category,” said Wanda Rich, Editor, Global Banking & Finance Review. “It’s a pleasure to present Arab African International Bank with this award and we look forward to seeing more from them in the years to come.”

Hassan Abdalla, CEO at the AAIB said: “Half a century of expertise and international exposure, along with the synergies provided by our financial group, regional presence and proficient calibers have provided AAIB with a solid platform for investment banking services.  AAIB’s leadership in investment & corporate services is the outcome of multiple factors that – combined together - established its distinction”

The Global Banking and Finance Review Awards honour institutions that stand out in their particular area of expertise in the finance industry. They recognize achievement, challenge, progress and inspirational change in finance globally.