- Credit Cards

- How can I apply for an AAIB credit card?

You can apply for an AAIB Credit Card by: Visiting one of AAIB nearest branch Calling AAIB Call Center 19555 and one of our sales team will call you to set an appointment Applying through our website

+ How long does it take to receive my credit card after applying?

+ I already have an AAIB credit card. Can I apply for another credit card from AAIB?

+ What is the Smart Card?

+ How can I control the usage of my supplementary credit card?

+ What happens if my credit card is stolen?

+ What are the steps which i should take to cancel my credit card?

+ What is the credit limit offered on AAIB credit card?

+ Is it possible to ask for a higher credit limit?

+ What is the personal identification number PIN that is sent to me when I receive my credit card?

+ How do you make your credit card payment?

+ Is there any credit cards that don’t charge foreign transaction fees?

+ What is the minimum payment?

+ I forgot my PIN number. What should I do?

+ What should I do when my card is about to expire?

+ What is the difference between local and international credit cards?

+ What is the maximum withdrawal amount per day using the ATMs?

+ If I don’t pay off my balance in full, how much will it cost me in interest?

+ Can I use my credit card online?

+ What are the benefits of smart cards?

+ What should I do before traveling abroad?

+ What is the grace period?

+ How many supplementary cards can I issue?

+ I received an e-mail from VISA asking for my credit card details. Should i respond to this e-mail?

+ Golden Saving Accounts

- When do interest rate calculations begin for deposits in Golden Savings Accounts?

The last day of an interest period is the last day of each month at 2pm. Interest rates begin to be calculated on the first day of the following month

+ If I want to withdraw from or close my Golden Savings Account before the interest is paid will this period be included in the calculation of the interest?

+ Acquiring

- How can I get a point of sales (POS) machine?

Contact  AAIB at 19555

+ Debit Cards

- What are the benefits of the Debit Cards?

Debit cards enable the clients to buy and withdraw cash locally and internationally. The used amount of money will be directly deducted from his/her account.

+ 4U Prepaid Cards

- What are the required documents to issue a 4U card?

Only a valid national ID.

+ Can I issue more than one 4U cards?

+ Can I withdraw the remaining balance in my 4U internet card through the ATM?

+ How long does it take for the 4U card to be issued?

+ E-Banking

- How can I apply for the E-Banking Service ?

You are requested to fill out an application at your nearest branch. The service is free of charge and enables you to view your account online. So far, you will not be able to perform any transactions online. Your Username and Password will be sent to you via email as soon as the request is processed.

+ General

- What are the extra requirements for foreigners opening Golden Savings Accounts, Green Pearls Deposits and CDs?

Copy of residence document Copy of passport

+ What documents are required to open Green Pearls Deposits and Golden Savings Accounts?

+ What documents are required to open accounts for minors?

+ What are AAIB’s working hours?

+ How do I arrange an appointment with a sales representative to issue a Credit Card, or open a Golden Savings Account or Green Pearls Deposit?

+ Where are AAIB’s regional branches?

+ Can I access accounts at my local branch from AAIB’s regional branches?

+ What happens if I close my Golden Savings Account or redeem my Green Pearls Deposits / CDs and I have a Credit Card against this account?

+ Can I deposit my interest in a Savings Account rather than a Current Account?

+ How would I send a complaint/inquiry?

+ What is the swift code of AAIB?

+ I don’t receive any statements. What shall I do ?

+ Phone Banking

- How can I apply for the Phone banking service?

Through the Branch & it will be enabled within 48 hours.